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Chapter 8. Altering Keyboard Shortcuts > Changing the Keyboard Shortcuts

8.3. Changing the Keyboard Shortcuts

Selecting any item in the Shortcut column of the Keyboard Shortcuts pane allows you to update the shortcut key to a new setting. In the following steps, you'll see how to make a simple change.

  1. In the Keyboard Shortcuts pane, locate the "Capture selection to file" shortcut in the Screen Capture section.

  2. Click on the keyboard shortcut (Shift--4) in the Shortcut column; a text edit box appears.

  3. Enter a new value for this item, using Shift--5 as the new shortcut. To do this, just hold down the Shift and Command keys, and then press the number 5 key on your keyboard. The shortcut updates automatically, as shown in Figure 8-4.

    Figure 8-4. The "Capture selection to file" command is remapped to Shift--5.

  4. Test the new shortcut by typing Shift--5. The cursor changes to a set of crosshairs. Press the mouse button down and make a drag selection on your screen. When you let go of the mouse button, you'll hear a camera-click sound, and a screenshot of the area you selected will be saved as a file (most likely named Picture 1.pdf) on your Desktop.

  5. Return to the Keyboard Shortcuts preferences pane. There are two ways to restore your original shortcut. If you have not customized any other shortcuts, click on the Restore Defaults button; otherwise, select the new Shift--5 shortcut and replace it with Shift--4.



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