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Part Five: Appendix > Windows Messenger - Pg. 493

TweakUI The closest equivalent for this free, downloadable, but unsupported Microsoft utility for tweaking the look of your PC is TinkerTool for Mac OS X. You can find it at, and download it from, TweakUI User.Accounts.Control.Panel Like Windows 2000 and Windows XP, Mac OS X was designed from square one to be a multiuser operating system, keeping the files, mail, and settings of each person separate. You set up and manage these accounts in System PreferencesÆAccounts (Chapter 12). Window.Edges You can enlarge or shrink a Mac OS X window only by dragging its lower-right corner--not its edges. Windows.(or.WINNT).Folder Mac OS X's operating system resides in a folder simply called System, which sits in your main hard drive window. Exactly as in recent Windows versions, you're forbid- den to add, remove, or change anything inside. Also as in Windows, most of it is invisible anyway.