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Part Five: Appendix > Date and Time - Pg. 484

Copy, Cut, Paste Copy,.Cut,.Paste When you're editing in a word processor or graphics program, the Mac OS X Cut, Copy, and Paste commands work exactly as they do in Windows. At the desktop, however, there are a few differences. You can indeed copy icons and paste them into a new window using the Copy and Paste commands--you just can't cut them out of a window, as you can in Windows. On the other hand, Mac OS X offers a handy secondary feature: If you paste into a word or text processor instead of into another desktop window, you get a tidy list of the names of the icons you copied. Ctrl.Key On the Macintosh, you generally substitute the c key in keystrokes that would nor- mally involve the Control key. In other words, the Save command is now c-S instead of Ctrl-S, Open is c-O instead of Ctrl-O, and so on. Date.and.Time You set your Mac's calendar and clock in the Date & Time pane of System Prefer- ences. Delete.Key.(Forward.Delete)