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Chapter 14. The Freebie Programs > Preview - Pg. 427

Palm) made discoverable. To start the synchronization, press the physical HotSync button on the palmtop's cradle, cable, or HotSync screen. Note: All of this leaves your Palm memos unsynched, because neither Address Book nor iCal has a place for memos. The workaround: Use Palm Desktop to view and edit them. iSync · An iPod. iTunes 4.8 and later versions handle the task of keeping your iPod updated with your iCal and Address Book info directly. (To get started, connect the iPod to the Mac and then choose iTunesÆPreferences and click the iPod button.) In other words, this iSync feature is an orphan, exclusively for people who don't, for some reason, have iTunes 4.8 or later. When you open iSync, its toolbar shows the icons of any synchable devices connected to your Mac at the moment. Click the appropriate gadget on the toolbar--your iPod, for example--to see the synching options available. Turn on the checkboxes you want, and then click the Sync Devices button. iSync does the deed. iSync is plenty smart when it comes to resolving conflicts among your gadgets. For example, if you edit somebody's home phone number on your Palm, and your spouse simultaneously edits the same person's office number on the Mac, iSync will smoothly incorporate both changes into all copies of your address book. Unless you and your spouse both change the home number in different ways; then iSync will present a Re- solve Conflicts button. Click it, and choose which info you believe should prevail. iTunes iTunes is Apple's beloved digital music-library program. Page 227 tells all Mail Mail, the Mac OS X email program, is described in detail in Chapter 10. Preview Preview began life as Mac OS X's built-in graphics viewer--but now, it's much more than that. It's the program you use to view incoming faxes as well as a nearly full- blown clone of Acrobat Reader (the free Adobe program that you used to read PDF files with). In fact, because Preview now includes searching PDF documents, copying text out of them, adding comments, filling in forms, and clicking live hyperlinks--features that used to be available only in Acrobat Reader--you'd be silly to use Acrobat Reader at all. Preview's hallmark is its surprising versatility. It can display and manipulate pictures saved in a wide variety of formats, including common painting formats like JPEG, chapter14:thefreebieprograms 427