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Fonts--and Font Book · Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000. Open My ComputerÆ[your hard drive]ÆWindows (or WINNT)ÆFonts folder. · Windows 95, 98. Choose StartÆSettingsÆControl PanelÆFonts. Copy the font files, using any of the techniques described in Chapter 5, onto your Mac. Then, when you double-click a font's file in the Finder, Font Book opens and presents the typeface for your inspecting pleasure. If you like it, click Install font. You've just installed it into your account's Fonts folder, so that it appears in the Font menus and panels of all your programs. Removing and hiding fonts Removing a font from your machine is easy: Highlight it in Font Book and then press the Delete key. (You're asked to confirm the decision.) Before taking such a drastic step, however, consider this: When you disable a font, you simply hide it from your programs. You might want to disable a font so that you can use a different version of it (a copy from a different company, for example), or to make your Font menus shorter, or to make a program like Microsoft Word start up faster. To disable a font, just click it and then click the checkbox button beneath the list (or