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Part VI: Appendices > Apple () menu

C.5. Apple () menu

The menu is still in Mac OS X, but it's no longer customizable. Instead, it lists useful commands that you'll want to access no matter what program you're using: Sleep, Restart, Shut Down, and so on. The menu's quick-access icon launching features have now been taken over by the Dock (Chapter 3).

  • About This Computer. This command's functions have been scattered across Mac OS X. To find out your Mac's system-software version, total installed memory, and processor type, choose →About This Mac. For memory stats on running programs, go to Applications→Utilities and open Activity Monitor. It shows you, perhaps, a little more information than you need, but the memory consumption listings are still there, updated in real time. (Mac OS X programs don't use a fixed amount of RAM; they constantly adjust as needed.)

  • Apple System Profiler. Still in Mac OS X, now called System Profiler but better than ever—and it's in Applications→Utilities.

  • Calculator. Dramatically revamped (see Chapter 9) and moved to your Applications folder.

  • Chooser. Eliminated. Its two primary functions—choosing a printer and connecting to a network—have been moved to the Print dialog box (choose File→Print in any program) and the Network icon in the Sidebar, respectively.

  • Control Panels. It's now called System Preferences (Chapter 8). You can get to it by clicking its Dock icon or by choosing →System Preferences.

  • Favorites. In Panther, Favorites have received a big demotion; see Section 2.6.



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