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Chapter 9. The Free Programs > QuickTime Player - Pg. 362

then choose EditCopy, just as though the PDF document is a Web page. (You can even drag across page boundaries.) · You can save out a single page from a PDF as a TIFF file, so that you can use it in other graphics, word processing, or page layout programs--some of which might not directly support PDF. (Microsoft Word, for example, can accept TIFF graphics, but not PDFs.) To extract a page, use the usual FileExport command, making sure to choose the new file format from the pop-up menu. (If you choose a format like Photoshop or JPEG, you'll be warned that only the currently selected page of your PDF document will be converted. That's because there's no such thing as a multipage Photoshop or JPEG graphic. But you already knew that.) The Toolbar You can have hours of fun with Preview's toolbar. Exactly as with the Finder toolbar, you can customize it (by choosing ViewCustomize Toolbar--or by Option- clicking dragging the upper-right them toolbar button), and rearrange remove its icons (by - (by - sideways), icons dragging them downward).