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Chapter 8. System Preferences > Print & Fax - Pg. 303

Keyboard Shortcuts Mac OS X 10.3 comes loaded with keyboard shortcuts for common tasks--and now you can reassign them to shortcuts you prefer. For a full discussion of the options on this pane, Section 4.6. Network The Network panel is the brain of your Mac's Internet and local networking connec- tions. See Chapters 12 and 18 for the settings you need to plug in. Print & Fax Chapter 13 describes printing and faxing in detail. This panel's purpose in life is to offer a few miscellaneous printing options, such as which printer and paper size you use most of the time. It also offers faxing settings like your fax number and whether you want received faxes to print out automatically. QuickTime The settings in the QuickTime panel affect the way movies are played back on your Mac, including movies that stream to you from a Web page and movies that you watch