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Chapter 8. Basic Utilities > Hacks #73-79 - Pg. 253

CHAPTER 8 Basic Utilities Hacks #73-79 XP comes with a suite of basic utilities, such as the Clipboard, a disk defragmenter, instant messenger, backup software, and more. For what they do, these utilities work reasonably well. But if you're dedicated to optimizing your computer, reasonably well isn't good enough. In this chapter, we'll look at hacks that will give you a better Clipboard, do defrag- menting and backup better, make Windows Messenger do tricks you never thought possible, and more. There's even advice on universal messaging software. Store Multiple Clips and Boilerplate Text with a Better Clipboard If you need to store clipboard text and images (or "clips") permanently and call them back whenever you need them, use this XP clipboard enhancer. I make my living as a writer (or at least, I try to), and because of that I need to store text, articles, and graphics all day. When gathering research, I need to keep copies of what I find, so that I can paste them into documents for easy access. When writing books, I need to store special coding that I have to insert into my manuscript so that the typesetting comes out right. And I also have email signatures I like to pop into certain emails. In fact, like most people, I have a need for storing reusable boilerplate text of all kinds. I can't use the XP Clipboard to do any of that for me, though. As far as it goes, the Clipboard is fine--a kind of waystation where you can store a single clip at a time before you pop the clip into another application. But it doesn't store more than a single clip at a time, so it isn't suitable for my needs. Instead of the Clipboard, I use ClipCache Plus (, which is shareware and free to try, and $19.95 if you decide to keep using it. It captures all clips 253