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Chapter 3. Multimedia and the iApps > Controlling iTunes with Perl - Pg. 97

Figure 3-48. Passing on your listening preferences iTunes has struck a chord with many music lovers, and these hacks can help others get in on your groove. (Yes, we know. There were far too many musical innuendos in this hack for it to be considered good taste. Blame the composer, not the maestro.) Controlling iTunes with Perl The Mac::iTunes module means that controlling iTunes from across the room or across the world is only a Perl script away. I created the Mac::iTunes Perl module to control iTunes from my scripts and from other machines. Everything that I present in this hack comes with either the Mac::iTunes or Apache::iTunes distribution (, available on the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN). Once I have a back end, I can create almost any interface to iTunes that I like -- and I do. iTunes Is AppleScriptable Apple's MP3 player, iTunes (, has been AppleScript- aware since Version 2 (the latest version is 3.0.1). This gives me a lot of freedom to control how I use iTunes. Controlling iTunes with Perl | 97