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Part VI: Appendixes > The Master List

F.1. The Master List

F.1.1. Startup Keystrokes

Keys to Hold DownEffect
CStart up from a CD
DStart up from the first partition
N Start up from network server
TPuts the Mac into FireWire Target Disk mode
XStarts up in Mac OS X (if 9 is on the same disk)
ShiftPrevents startup items from opening
OptionShows icons of all startup disks, so you can choose one for starting up.
-Option-Shift-DeleteStarts up from external drive (or CD)
-Option-P-RZaps the parameter RAM (PRAM). (Hold down until second chime.)
-Option-O-FBrings up Open Firmware screen.
-VShow Unix console messages during startup
-SStart up in single user mode
mouse downEjects a stuck CD or DVD
ShiftJust after powering up: turns off kernel extensions (see Section B.10)
ShiftLater, after logging in: Prevents Finder windows from opening and startup items from opening. (They'll return the next time you start up.)

F.1.2. In the Finder

-Option-WCloses all Finder windows
right arrow, left arrowExpands or collapses a selected folder in list view
Option-right arrowExpands a folder in a list view and all folders inside it
Option-left arrowCollapses folder and all folders inside it
-up arrowOpens parent folder
-Option-Shift-up arrowSelects the Desktop
-down arrowOpens the selected icon
Option-click the flippy triangleExpands or collapses all folders within that window
TabSelects next icon alphabetically
Shift-TabSelects previous icon alphabetically
-DeleteMoves highlighted icons to the Trash
Space barOpens the disk or folder under mouse immediately (during a spring-loaded folder drag)
Option (when inserting a CD)Show each session (on a multisession, ISO-9660 CD) as a separate icon



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