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Part VI: Appendixes > The Setup Assistant - Pg. 724

You can erase the hard drive at this point if you want to. The "Erase destination" checkbox wipes out everything on the selected drive before installing Mac OS X. (From the pop-up menu, choose Mac OS Exten- ded. The other choice, UNIX File System, is exclusively for people who want to write UNIX programs or require a case-sensitive directory sys- tem.) The Setup Assistant When the Mac "comes to" after a basic installation, the first thing you experience is some arty, liquid visual effects, some jazzy music, and an animated stream of Welcome messages in various languages. Once Apple has finished showing off its multimedia prowess, you arrive at a Welcome screen. Once again, you're in for a click-through-the-screens experience, this time with the aim of setting up your Mac's various settings. After answering the questions on each screen, click Continue. 1. Choose your area of the country. If you chose English as your primary language during the installation phase, for example, you're now asked which particular regional form of English you speak: United States, Australia, Canada, or United Kingdom. Select the appropriate one and click Continue.