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Chapter 4. Task and Setting Index > Internet, Web, and Email

Internet, Web, and Email

Change the default email client and web browser from Mail and Internet Explorer, respectively?

To select a different email client, go to System Preferences → Internet → Email panel, and choose a different client in the Default Email Reader pull-down menu.

To select a different web browser, go to System Preferences → Internet → Web panel, and choose a different browser in the Default Web Browser pull-down menu.

Specify where files downloaded from the Internet will be saved?

System Preferences → Internet → Web panel. Click on the Select button next to "Download Files To."

Change my browser's default home page?

System Preferences → Internet → Web; enter the new URL in the Home Page text box.

Turn on web sharing?

System Preferences → Sharing → Services pane; click on the checkbox next to Personal Web Sharing to start this service. Enabling this service will allow others to access your Sites folder (/Users/username/Sites) from the Internet.

Register my license number for QuickTime Pro?

System Preferences → QuickTime; click on the Registration button and enter your license number.

Listen to an Internet radio station?

Dock → iTunes → Radio Tuner; click on the Radio Tuner option in the Source pane to the left, and the right pane will change to show you a list of different music genres from which to choose. Click on the disclosure triangle next to a music type to reveal the available stations.

Use my own stylesheet for viewing web pages in Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer → Explorer → Preferences → Web Browser → Web Content; select the checkbox next to "Use my style sheet," then click on the Select Style Sheet button, and then locate and select the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) you want to apply.

Connect to an FTP site?

Finder → Go → Connect to Server (-K) → enter the address for the FTP site (e.g., ftp://ftp.oreilly.com), and it will mount on your Desktop

Create shortcuts on my Desktop for web sites I visit often, or for people I email frequently?

Open the TextEdit application, and enter a URL (such as http://www.oreilly.com) or an email address (such as chuckdude@mac.com), then triple-click on the address to select the entire line and drag that to your Desktop. This creates an icon on your Desktop for whatever you drag there. When you double-click on the icon, your default web browser will open that URL, or your email client will create a new message window with the address specified by the shortcut.

You can take this a step further by adding these shortcuts to your Favorites folder (open the Finder and click on the Favorites heart icon in the toolbar, or press -T).

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