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Chapter 4. Task and Setting Index > Fonts and Font Management

Fonts and Font Management

Share fonts with other users on my system?

If you are the administrator, move the font from /Users/username/Library/Fonts to /Library/Fonts.

Where can I store new fonts I've purchased or downloaded from the Internet?

Save them to /Users/username/Library/Fonts for your personal use, or to /Library/Fonts to allow everyone on the system access to them.

Why aren't my bitmap fonts working?

Mac OS X does not support bitmapped fonts—it supports only TrueType, OpenType, and PostScript Level 1 fonts.

Make my Mac OS X fonts available in Classic Applications?

Open two Finder windows. In Window #1, go to Mac OS 9 → System Folder → Fonts; in Window #2, go to Mac OS X → Library → Fonts. In Window #2, select all of the Fonts (-A), then Option-drag the Mac OS X fonts into the Mac OS 9 Fonts folder in Window #1.

What does the .dfont extension mean on some of my Mac OS X fonts?

The extension stands for "Data Fork TrueType Font." Basically, this just tells you that this is a TrueType font.

Turn off font antialiasing?

You can't, but you can adjust the minimum font size to be affected by font smoothing in System Preferences → General → "Turn off text smoothing for font sizes x and smaller" (8 points is the default setting).

Create a Font Collection?

In TextEdit, go to Format → Font → Font Panel (-T), and select Edit Collection from the pull-down menu at the bottom of the window. The title on the window will change to "Font - Collections." Click on the plus sign (+) at the lower-left to add a new item in the Collections column; double-click on the name (New-1), enter a different name (such as BookFonts), and hit Return. Select a font in the All Families column, and then click on the << button to add that typeface to your Family column. When you have added all of the fonts, click on the Done button.

Where are my Font Collections stored, in case I want to share them with another user?

They are stored in /Users/username/Library/FontCollections.

If you want to share a collection, place a copy of the collection in the Shared folder. All font collections have a.fcache file extension.

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