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Hide the Finder toolbar?

View → Hide Toolbar (-B)

Click on the transparent button in the upper-right corner of the titlebar.

Customize the Finder toolbar?

Finder → View → Customize Toolbar

Shift-click the toolbar button.

Control-click within the toolbar and select Customize Toolbar from the context menu.

Shift-clicking on the toolbar button again will close the Customize Toolbar window and return you to the previous Finder View.

Always open the Finder in Column View?

Finder → Preferences → select the checkbox next to "Open new windows in Column View"

From Icon View, open a folder in a new Finder window?

Command-double-click the folder icon.

Force folders to open in a new Finder window when they're double-clicked?

Hide the Finder toolbar (only works in Icon or List View).

Quickly switch to my home directory?

Go → Home (Shift--H)

Quickly go back or forward in a Finder view?

Use -[ or -] to go back or forward, respectively.

This also works in most web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, Mozilla, and Chimera.

Only show the icons or text labels of items in the toolbar?

View → Customize Toolbar → Show; select Icon Only or Text Only from the pull-down menu

Control-click on the toolbar and select Icon Only Mode or Text Only Mode from the context menu.

Speed up Finder searches?

Open the Finder's preferences panel (Finder → Preferences). Click on the Select button at the bottom of the window; this pops open a window that lets you select the languages to use when searching a files' contents. The fewer languages you select here, the faster your search.

Locate a specific folder in the Finder?

Go → Go to Folder (or -~)

Where is the database file saved for use with context searches from the Finder?

It is saved in ~/Library/Indexes/FindByContent/00001/.FBCIndex.

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