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Chapter 9. The Control Panel > Scanners and Cameras - Pg. 342

For a choice of keyboard layouts, use this dialog box to install the appropriate driver. Click Details, click the Add button, and, in the resulting window, choose the languages you want (see Figure 9-15). After installing more than one keyboard layout, you can switch between them in either of two ways: · Use the Language bar, as shown in Figure 9-15. It's a floating, ghostly menu that lets you switch keyboard layouts no matter what you're doing on the PC (Figure 9-15, bottom). Note The Language bar also appears if you've turned on or installed handwriting-recognition systems, Microsoft speech-recognition systems, or special input software designed to let you type Asian language characters. · You can also switch from one keyboard layout to the next by simultaneously pressing the left-side Alt and Shift keys. Clicking the Key Settings button at the bottom of the dialog box in Figure 9-15 enables you to change this key combination or set up individual key combinations for each language layout you've installed. Tip To view your new keyboard arrangement, use the Character Map pro-