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Fax Cover Page Editor\windows\system32\fxscover.exe

Create and modify cover pages for use with the Microsoft Fax service.

To Open

Start Programs Accessories Communications Fax Fax Cover Page Editor

Fax Console Tools Personal Cover Pages New (or) Open

Command Prompt fxscover


The Fax Cover Page Editor works like an ordinary drawing/layout program, in that you can indiscriminately place text, shapes, and images on a blank page. Pages created with the Cover Page Editor are used automatically when sending faxes with the Microsoft Fax service.

What makes the Cover Page Editor different from other drawing/layout programs to which you might be accustomed is its support for fields. Naturally, it wouldn't do you much good to create a custom cover page for only a single recipient; rather, it is desirable to create a single cover page (or series of cover pages) that can be used with any number of recipients. Use the Insert menu to place text fields on the page; fields are divided into the following three categories (menus):


Place the name or phone number fields on your cover page and Microsoft Fax will insert those details of the recipient on each fax that is sent out.


The information in the Sender menu does not change from fax to fax; rather, it is set in the Fax Console application (discussed earlier in this chapter) by going to Fax Console Tools Sender Information. Note that it's generally preferred to use fields rather than static text, even if the information contained therein is the same for all faxes — it not only makes it easier to change later on, but means that your cover pages can be used easily by others.


Like items in the Recipient menu, above, Message details the message change from fax to fax, such as the subject, time, date, and number of pages.

When you've created or modified the cover pages desired, you must save it into a Cover Page (.cov) file, stored, by default, in \Documents and Settings\{username}\My Documents\Fax\Personal Coverpages. Then, when sending a fax, simply specify the desired Cover Page file, and it will be used as the first page in your outgoing fax.

You may wish to preview outgoing faxes immediately after creating or modifying a cover page to make sure information is inserted into the fields properly.

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