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Scanners and Cameras

Instal l drivers to access the pictures on a digital camera through Explorer.

To Open

Control Panel [Printers and Other Hardware] Scanners and Cameras

Command Prompt wia acmgr (to open installation wizard)


The Scanners and Cameras window (see Figure 4-77) lists any digital cameras or scanners attached to the system.

Figure 4-77. The Scanners and Cameras folder lets you retrieve images from your digital camera or scanner

This window is designed to work with the following device types:

Digital still cameras

Any devices, typically digital still cameras, whose pictures need to be manually transferred to the computer, can be configured as drives so that they're accessible through Windows Explorer. Although most cameras come with their own software for transferring pictures, accessing them through Explorer is especially slick and painless.

Note that you can also get USB-based card readers that will turn CompactFlash, SmartMedia, and MultiMediaCard media into virtual drives, with the added benefit of not having to repeatedly hook up special cables to your camera.

Right-click on the icon for any configured camera and select either Get pictures (to transfer images to your hard disk) or Properties (to change how pictures are accessed).


Most scanners come with their own dedicated scanning software, so it's not strictly necessary to configure scanners in this window. However, it may add more flexibility than the scanner's proprietary software. For example, it's possible to program any buttons on the scanner itself to launch whichever program you choose to do the actual scanning (see Figure 4-78).

Figure 4-78. Use the Properties sheet to control how (or if) Windows responds to the buttons on your scanner

Right-click on the icon for any configured scanner, select Properties, and choose the Events tab to choose what happens when your scanner's buttons are pressed. Note that depending on your scanner, certain options may be unavailable.

The Scanner and Camera Installation Wizard is used to add new cameras to the Scanners and Cameras folder. If the common tasks pane is visible, click "Add an imaging device"; otherwise, double-click the Add Device icon. (You can also run wiaacmgr.exe.) Follow the steps to complete the installation. Note that only cameras can be added with the Scanner and Camera Installation Wizard; to add a scanner to the Scanners and Cameras folder, you'll need to install the scanner software according to the manufacturer's instructions. (Many manufacturers, especially those of older scanners, don't support the Scanners and Cameras folder at all.)


Many newer digital cameras and scanners won't be supported by this tool. Refer to the documentation that comes with your device for information on connecting it to your computer and installing the appropriate software and drivers, or contact the camera's manufacturer for updated drivers that support this feature of Windows XP.

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