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Chapter 4. Windows XP Applications and Tools > Regional and Language Options

Regional and Language Options\windows\system\intl.cpl

Language and localization settings affecting the display of numbers, currency, times, and dates.

To Open

Control Panel [Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options] Regional and Language Options

Command Prompt intl.cpl

Command Prompt control international


Numbers, times, dates, and currency are displayed differently in different parts of the world, and the Regional and Language Options dialog (see Figure 4-74) allows you to choose your display preferences in painful detail.

Figure 4-74. Choose the way dates, times, and currency are displayed with the Regional and Language Options dialog

This dialog has the following tabs:

Regional Settings

Select your language from the list and click Customize to start choosing your preferences. The settings in this dialog are fairly self-explanatory, although it's important to realize that the entries in the language list are not "themes." That is, if you customize your settings and then change the language in the list, those customized settings will be lost.


Click Details if you wish to change the desired language or to add support for additional languages. If more than one language is installed, the Language Bar and Key Settings features will be available, which can be used to easily switch between the installed languages with a Desktop bar or keyboard shortcut, respectively.


Most programs should be able to detect the preferred language, and if supported, adjust their interfaces accordingly. The "Language for non-Unicode programs" option is used to add support for older programs that don't recognize the settings made in the Languages tab.

The Code page conversion tables, when installed, can be accessed in word processors and web browsers, enabling the display of foreign language content. Most users won't have a need to alter these settings, although you may need to if a particular document or web page isn't being displayed correctly.


All of the settings in this dialog are also covered in Chapter 5.

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