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The traditional Klondike solitaire card game.

To Open

Start Programs Games Solitaire

Command Prompt sol


Solitaire, the simple card game included with every version of Windows since Windows 3.0, is a single-player game that follows the traditional Klondike rules (see Figure 4-81). The object of the game is to organize all the cards by suit and place them in order (starting with the ace) in the four stacks at the top of the window. Cards are moved by placing them on the seven piles in sequential descending order, alternating color. For example, place a black four on a red five, or a red Jack on a black Queen. The game is over when all the cards have been moved to the top stacks.

Figure 4-81. The original Solitaire (Klondike) game is a great way to waste time at work

You can choose a new look for the deck by going to Game Deck (note that some are animated). Go to Game Options to choose whether one or three cards are drawn from the deck at a time, which type of scoring to use, and whether the game is timed.

If you start a game drawing three cards at a time, trying to switch to Game Options Draw One will start a new game. Press Ctrl-Alt-Shift while you draw to draw a single card in a Draw-3 game.


  • I often use Solitaire as a teaching tool for those just learning to use a mouse. It's a great way to learn clicking, double-clicking, and dragging, and best of all, the student often becomes addicted to the lesson!

  • Additional decks (chosen in Game Deck) can be downloaded from a variety of sources, including http://www.solitairecity.com/, http://www.solitairecentral.com/, and http://www.goodsol.com/.

  • When Windows 3.0 was first released in the late 1980's, the most flattering thing that some critics had to say about Microsoft's latest and greatest operating system was that it was a "great solitaire game."

See Also

FreeCell (the deterministic version of Solitaire), Spider Solitaire

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