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Display a list of the installed device drivers and their properties. (DriverQuery is included with Windows XP Professional only.)

To Open

Command Prompt driverquery


driverquery [/fo] [/nh] [/si] [/v] [/s [/u [/p]]] 


Although Device Manager (see Microsoft Management Console) displays a hierarchal view of all of the devices attached to the system, only Driver Query provides a comprehensive list for every installed driver, either on a local machine or on any remote computer on the network.

Run DriverQuery without any options to print out the basic list, or use one of the following options:

/fo format

Specify the format of the display: type /fo table (the default) for a formatted table, /fo list for a plaint text list, or /fo csv for a comma-separated report, suitable for importing into a spreadsheet or database.


If using the /fo table or /fo csv format (above), the /nh option turns off the column headers.


Display additional details about driver other than signed drivers.


Display additional details about signed drivers.

/s system

Connect to a remote system, where system is the name of the computer.

/u user

Specify a user account (include an optional domain before the username) under which the command should execute.

/p password

Specify the password for the user account specified with the /u parameter; prompts for the password if omitted.


Refer to Appendix C for information on redirecting the output of this program to a text file, making it easy to save or import into a spreadsheet or database application.

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