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Display a list of running applications and processes running on either a local or a remote system. (Tasklist is included with Windows XP Professional only.)

To Open

Command Prompt packager


tasklist [/s system [/u username [/p [password]]]]
  [/m [module] | /svc | /v] [/fi filter] [/fo format] [/nh]


Tasklist is used to list running processes from the command line. Tasklist works together with Taskkill, discussed earlier in this chapter, to provide command-line equivalents to the functionality provided by the Processes tab in Task Manager. For more information on processes, see Task Manager, discussed earlier in this chapter.

Tasklist takes the following command-line parameters:

/s system

Specifies the remote system to which to connect.

/u [ domain\] user

Specifies the user context under which the command should execute.

/p [ password]

Specifies the password for the user specified by \u; prompts for input if omitted.

/m [ module]

Lists all tasks that have DLL modules loaded that match the pattern, module. If module is not specified, /m displays all modules loaded by each task.


Verbose mode; display all available information.

/fi filter

Displays a set of tasks that match a given criteria specified by the filter. Use Tasklist for more display options.

/fo format

Specifies the format of the display: type /fo table (the default) for a formatted table, /fo list, for a plain text list, or /fo csv for a comma-separated report, suitable for importing into a spreadsheet or database.


If using the /fo table or /fo csv format (above), the /nh option turns off the column headers.

See Also

Taskkill, Task Manager, Query Process, OpenFiles

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