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Chapter 6. The Command Prompt > Using the Command Line - Pg. 303

Solitaire Signature Verification Tool Signature Verification Tool Verify digital signatures in device drivers. \windows\system32\sigverif.exe To Open Start Programs Accessories System Tools System Information Tools menu File Signature Verification Utility Command Prompt sigverif Description Microsoft digitally signs device drivers shipped with Windows so you can verify that they have not been modified since testing. Drivers developed by third-party manufacturers are submitted to Microsoft for testing and, once those drivers pass the hardware standards testing, they are signed as well. The Signature Verification Tool (sigverif.exe) lets you manually verify that your installed drivers have not been modified in any way since testing. Click Start to scan your system for unsigned drivers; if any are found, you'll be notified. Click Advanced to search files other than drivers and to enable logging. Windows XP cations and