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Ping · Phone Dialer is nothing like the utility of the same name included in Windows 9x/Me, which was only a telephone autodialer. It is, however, identical to the Phone Dialer in- cluded with Windows 2000. · Although the main Phone Dialer window looks suspiciously like the Address Book (dis- cussed earlier in this chapter), it does not share contacts or any other information with the Address Book. See Also Microsoft NetMeeting Pinball Pinball A "Space Cadet 3D Pinball" game. \program files\windows nt\pinball\pinball.exe To Open Start Programs Games Pinball Command Prompt pinball Windows XP Appli- cations and Tools Description The ball is launched by holding the Spacebar for a second or two to pull back the plunger and letting go. By default, the left and right flippers are controlled with the Z and / keys, respectively. You can change the keys use play the game by going to Options Player Controls (see Figure 4-70). Notes · If the game is paused, none of the above keys will work until you press F3 to resume the game. · Select Options Full Screen or press F4 to play Pinball in full-screen mode. Press F4 again to revert back to the normal display. Note that full-screen mode will temporarily change the resolution of your display and may not work on all display adapters. · The "boss" key is Esc; press it to quickly minimize the game in case your boss walks by. PING PING \windows\system32\ping.exe Test the "reachability" of another computer on the network or across the Internet. Chapter 4:Windows XP Applications and Tools | 273