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Chapter 4.  Configuring the Windows 2000... > Add a new option to the Send To menu

4.13. Add a new option to the Send To menu

The Send To menu appears on the common context menu for most items in the Windows 2000 interface (right-click an object to view its context menu). You can use the Send To menu to send the selected item to a floppy disk, email recipient, etc. Windows 2000 provides a handful of default choices on the Send To menu:

3 1/2 Floppy (A)

Send the selected item to the floppy disk.


Place a shortcut to the item on the desktop.

Mail Recipient

Open a new email message with the selected object as an attachment to the message.

My Documents

Place a copy of the selected object in the My Documents folder.

You might want to add your own items to the Send To menu. For example, you might have a folder you use frequently and want to use the context menu to copy or move items to that folder. Or perhaps you want to add an item to the Send To folder that enables you to email an object directly to a specific person. Another reason to modify the Send To menu is to add Notepad or Wordpad to the menu, giving you a quick means of opening text-based documents that don't have a .txt, .doc, or other extension associated with these programs. And a really useful addition to the Send To menu is a shortcut to the printer you use most often, enabling you to send a document to the printer through the document's context menu.

4.13.1. Modify the Send To menu

The Send To menu works by reading the contents of the SendTo folder and displaying the contents of the folder as the contents of the Send To menu. When you select an item from the Send To menu on an object's context menu (see Figure 4-2), you're actually directing the object to the selected shortcut.

Figure 4-2. The Send To menu uses the contents of the Send To folder to generate the context menu

Adding an item to the SendTo folder is as simple as adding a shortcut to the folder. You can create shortcuts to folders, disks, printers, applications, and nearly any other object. Here's how:

  1. Open Explorer and browse to \ Documents and Settings\ user, where useris your username. On systems upgraded from Windows NT, browse to systemroot\ Profiles\user.

  2. Configure folder options to show hidden files.

  3. Open the hidden SendTo folder.

  4. Right-click in the folder and choose New Shortcut.

  5. Follow the prompts in the New Shortcut wizard to create a shortcut to the application, printer, or folder you want included on the Send To menu.

Another easy method for creating shortcuts in the SendTo folder is to simply right-drag the object from its current location to the SendTo folder and choose Create Shortcut(s) Here from the context menu. For example, you can right-drag a printer from the Printers folder to the SendTo folder to quickly create a shortcut to that printer.

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