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Feature Comparison

So, how do all these new and changed features help Windows XP stack up with previous versions of Windows? See for yourself in Table 1.2, which compares the key features of Windows XP with both Windows 98 and Windows Me.

Table 1.2. Key Differences Between Windows XP, Windows 98, and Windows Me
FeatureWindows XPWindows MeWindows 98
32-bit Windows engine  
Activity center panes  
ClearType display technology  
Compressed folders• (improved) 
Customized folder views  
Desktop Cleanup Wizard  
Direct folder-to-CD-R/RW copying  
DVD video playback  
Fast user switching  
Files and Settings Transfer Wizard  
Hidden icons in System Tray  
Image Preview utility  
Internet Connection Sharing• (improved)
Internet Explorer 6  
Luna user interface  
MP3 encoding• (WMP 10)  
Multiple-user Welcome screen  
My Music folder• (improved) 
My Pictures folder• (improved) 
Network Setup Wizard• (improved) 
Online photo finishing  
Online support services• (improved)
Outlook Express 6  
Personalized Welcome screen  
Pop-up blocker (Internet Explorer)• (SP2)  
Product Activation  
Redesigned Control Panel  
Redesigned My Computer  
Redesigned Start menu  
Remote Assistance  
Scanner and Camera Wizard• (improved) 
Search Companion  
System Restore 
Task-based approach  
Taskbar button grouping  
Thumbnail image file display 
User accounts  
Web Publishing Wizard 
Wireless Network Setup Wizard• (SP2)  
Windows Firewall  
Windows Image Acquisition for digital pictures 
Windows Media Player• (improved) 
Windows Messenger  
Windows Movie Maker• (improved) 
Windows Security Center• (SP2)  
Windows Update• (improved)



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