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Chapter 10. Windows Media Player > Listening to Radio Stations

Listening to Radio Stations

Radio stations around the world stream their signals over the internet. Media Player, an internet connection, and speakers will bring in these stations without a radio, extra software, or extra hardware. You can add your favorite stations to a preset list to access them quickly.

To listen to an internet radio station

Click Guide on the Features taskbar.

Click the Radio Tuner link (not the Radio link) in the Guide pane.

You might need to click the Home button to display the page that includes the Radio Tuner link.

To listen to a featured, preset, or recently played radio station, click the green arrow next to the station’s name on the left side; then click Play (Figure 10.16).

Figure 10.16. Radio Tuner’s left side is divided into three expandable sections: Featured Stations (starter stations chosen by Microsoft), My Stations, and Recently Played Stations. The right side contains genre links and a search feature.


To find a radio station, click Find More Stations on the right side (Figure 10.17).

Figure 10.17. You can browse radio stations around the world by genre. Hidden by the expanded drop-down list are two search boxes that let you find stations by keyword (enter a talk-show host’s name, for example) or zip code (U.S. only). Advanced search criteria such as country, language, and call sign also are available.



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