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Chapter 10. Windows Media Player > Burning Music CDs

Burning Music CDs

If you’re a fan of heavy-metal bands, you’re aware that they insist on putting at least one cringe-inducing ballad on every album. If you have a CD burner, you can take your revenge by creating personal CDs of music that you like, without appalling filler tunes.

To burn a music CD

As described in the preceding section, create a playlist of tracks to be burned, in the desired playback order.

Click Burn on the Features taskbar.

In the Items to Burn pane on the left, select the playlist or category of tracks that you want to burn.

Uncheck the check boxes for tracks that you don’t want to burn.

Insert a blank CD-R or CD-RW into your CD drive.

If necessary, when using a CD-RW disc, click the Erase Disk button to erase the CD.

If you want to change recording or data CD settings, such as the CD write speed or quality level, click the Display Properties and Settings button ( ) on the toolbar.

In the Items on Device pane on the right, select the type of CD that you want to create (Figure 10.31).

Figure 10.31. If “Will not fit” appears in the Status column (left pane) for some tracks, you must uncheck some check boxes until all the selected tracks fit. “Will not fit” appears even if the length of the selected tracks exactly matches the CD length, because Media Player inserts two-second intervals between tracks.

Typically you’ll choose Audio CD. HighMAT Audio doesn’t work in every CD player, and Data CD isn’t appropriate for music CDs.

Click Start Burn (or press Alt+B).

The process takes a bit of time and disk space.



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