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Chapter 14. Outlook Express—Email and News > Setting up an Email Account

Setting up an Email Account

Before you set up an email account, you must connect to the internet (Chapter 12). If you used the New Connection Wizard, your email settings may be in place already, and you can skip this section. Otherwise, the Internet Connection Wizard appears the first time that you start Outlook Express. The wizard helps you enter the addresses (provided by your ISP) that let Outlook Express find your electronic mailbox.

To set up an email account

On the Your Name page, type your display name (Figure 14.2); then click Next.

Figure 14.2. This name appears in the From header of email that you send. Don’t type something cute or clever; people or spam filters may mistake your messages for junk mail.

On the Internet E-Mail Address page, type the email address that you chose when you signed up with your ISP (Figure 14.3); then click Next.

Figure 14.3. A email address has two parts. To the left of the @ is the alias, which you choose. To the right is the domain, which depends on your ISP.

On the E-Mail Server Names page, type the information that your ISP provided about its mail servers (see the sidebar) (Figure 14.4); then click Next.

Figure 14.4. Your ISP provides server names, which usually look like this. For Hotmail accounts, choose HTTP from the mail-server drop-down list.

On the Internet Mail Logon page, type your logon name and password; check Remember Password to avoid being prompted for it each time you check your mail (Figure 14.5); then click Next.

Figure 14.5. Check Log on Using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) only if your ISP tells you to.

Click Finish to create the account.

Now you should be able to send and receive email.



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