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Upgrading to Windows XP

Upgrading to Windows XP

Here’s how to upgrade an older Windows version to Windows XP. If you’re doing a clean install, skip to the next section.

To upgrade to Windows XP

Start your computer; then insert the Windows XP CD into its drive.

The Welcome window opens (Figure A.3). (If it doesn’t, open Windows Explorer; navigate to the CD drive; then double-click setup.exe.)

Figure A.3. This window is the starting point for installing Windows XP. Installation will take at least an hour.

Click Install Windows XP.

The Windows Setup Wizard opens.

Choose Upgrade from the Installation Type drop-down list (Figure A.4); then click Next.

Figure A.4. Use this drop-down list to choose an upgrade or clean installation.

Review the End-User License Agreement (EULA); be mildly outraged by its terms; select I Accept This Agreement; then click Next.

Type the 25-character product key that appears on the back of the Windows XP folder; then click Next.

If you’re online, select Yes to download updated Setup files; otherwise, select No to bypass this option; then click Next.

Setup examines your system for XP potential problems and displays the Report System Compatibility page (refer to Figure A.1)—which you should have run manually before installation, as described in the preceding section.

Click Finish.

Read a book while Setup copies files to your hard drive and reboots your PC. When it’s done, you’ll see the Welcome to Microsoft Windows screen. Proceed to “Using the Setup Wizard” later in this chapter.



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