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Chapter 12. Connecting to the Internet > Understanding Connection Types - Pg. 354

Chapter 12 Understanding Connection Types First, you can skip this chapter if: You upgraded from a previous Windows version that had internet access. Windows Setup preserved the configuration; your XP connection should work fine. You want to transfer internet connec- tion settings from another PC. Use the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard; see "Transferring Existing Files and Settings" in the appendix. Your PC is on a local area network (LAN) at work or school. You have inter- net access through the network. Ask your network administrator about connection Picking a Connection Type If you want to get online but don't know the best way to do it, here's some help. Dial-up connections are the most pop- ular type. Each time you connect to the internet, your analog modem dials your ISP over a standard phone line. (If you have only one line, callers can't reach you Types