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Chapter 9. Cameras and Scanners > Publishing Photos on the Web

Publishing Photos on the Web

The Web Publishing Wizard lets you compress photos and post them on selected web sites for the world to see. MSN and some of the other sites are free.

To post photos on the web

Choose Start > My Pictures and then the subfolder (if any) containing your photos.

Select one or more photos, or a whole folder, to post.

In the task pane at the left, in the File and Folder Tasks section, click the Publish to the Web link.

The Web Publishing Wizard appears.

Click Next to skip the Welcome page.

Check or uncheck the boxes above the thumbnails to choose the photos to post; then click Next.

Select an internet service provider to host your web site (Figure 9.19); then click Next.

Figure 9.19. Suggested sites are configured specifically to hook into the Web Publishing Wizard. MSN is free, but its storage limit is 3 MB (about a dozen photos), and it requires a .NET Passport (see “Getting a .NET Passport” in Chapter 15). You can’t use the wizard to use sites hosted by other ISPs.

Follow the onscreen instructions for your chosen service provider. When you arrive at Figure 9.20, you’ll generally want to choose Small image sizes.

Figure 9.20. Large images on the web increase page-loading times and waste server space. Choose Small to reduce your photos to web-friendly sizes.

After Windows uploads your photos to the website, the wizard’s final page opens your browser to the new web page. Windows creates a shortcut to that site in Internet Explorer’s Favorites menu.



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