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Chapter 9. Cameras and Scanners > Ordering Prints Online

Ordering Prints Online

The Online Print Ordering Wizard walks you through getting digital photos printed via the internet. You select the photos to be uploaded to an online photo processor (such as Fujifilm, Shutterfly, or Kodak) and enter credit-card and shipping information. Your prints arrive by mail in about a week.

To order prints via the internet

Choose Start > My Pictures and then the subfolder (if any) containing your photos.

Select the photos that you want to order.

In the task pane at the left, click Order Prints Online (refer to Figure 9.10).

The Online Print Ordering Wizard appears.

Click Next to skip the Welcome page.

On the Change Your Picture Selection page, check or uncheck the box above the thumbnails to choose the prints to order; then click Next.

On the Select a Printing Company page, select a company to print your photos; then click Next.

Select the pictures, print sizes, and quantities that you want (Figure 9.16); then click Next.

Figure 9.16. This page varies by print processor. Heed the warning icons (such as the yellow ! shown here) next to print sizes; they mean that the image’s resolution is too low to produce good print quality at that size. The same file may make a good 4″ × 6″ print but a grainy 5″ × 7″ print, for example.

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the wizard.

You’ll be prompted for shipping and payment information.



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