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Chapter 11. Color Printer RIP Workflows > Configuring ImagePrint for Your Print...

Configuring ImagePrint for Your Printer

The first step is to configure ImagePrint to work with your printer. This is analogous to installing a printer driver.

Launch the ImagePrint printer setup application by choosing Start > All Programs > ImagePrint > IPSetup. The IPSetup dialog box appears.

Figure 11.1.

One of the ways that ImagePrint enhances output is by providing its own printer driver, which replaces the manufacturer's driver. IPSetup configures the RIP software for your printer—more precisely, for the printer model and the type of connection to your Windows XP computer.

Choose your printer from the Printer To Install drop-down menu. For example, I chose the Epson7600 for my Epson Stylus PRO 7600.

Figure 11.2.

In the Connection section, select the appropriate connection type for your printer. For my Epson Stylus PRO 7600, it's a local connection via USB.

Figure 11.3.

ImagePrint supports network printer sharing. You must install ImagePrint on the same computer to which the printer is connected, known as the host computer. Then, if you want to print to the printer from other computers, you install ImagePrint on those computers using ImagePrint's Client Computer Install feature.

Click the button with the ellipsis (...), located to the right of the Local option.

Figure 11.4.

The Detected Printers and Ports dialog box appears, which lets you select the physical printer that is connected to your system.

Select the desired printer and click OK.

Figure 11.5.

ImagePrint obtains this list of printers and their respective ports from Windows XP. ImagePrint automatically assigns a printer name, using the same name as the printer type selected, such as Epson7600.

In the IPSetup dialog box, enter a different name for your printer, if you wish.

Figure 11.6.

Click the Install button.

Figure 11.7.

The ImagePrint printer driver is now installed for your printer, and your printer appears in the Installed Printers list box of the IPSetup dialog box.

Figure 11.8.


If you have purchased a license for ImagePrint, you must enter your encryption code in the Encryption field at the bottom of the dialog box.

Close the IPSetup window.



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