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Chapter 8. Color Managing Documents in Q... > Using Quark's Profile Manager to Adm...

Using Quark's Profile Manager to Administer Color Management

The Quark CMS XTension includes a utility that is helpful in the applying color management to a document. The Profiles Usage utility lists all of the profiles used in your document and identifies the elements that use them. This is useful if you need to determine if you have placed the correct file in a document, if you need to change the profile in one of the elements, or if you need to provide a profile to someone else working on the document.

From the main menu, choose Utilities > Usage, and in the Usage dialog box that appears, click the Profiles tab.

The Profile Usage window lists all elements in the document that use the profile chosen in the Profile drop-down menu, such as Adobe RGB (1998), as shown in Figure 8.37. The window also shows the status and color space of the selected profile.

Figure 8.37.

Select the More Information check box.

Make sure Adobe RGB (1998) is chosen in the Profile drop-down menu.

Figure 8.38.

Select one of the objects that uses the profile.

Figure 8.39.

Click the Show button to display the elements on the page.

The Replace button letss you change the profile for an element. Selectively replacing a profile in an element is a useful feature for ensuring that all of the elements in the document are being properly color managed.

Click Done.

Close QuarkXPress.



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