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Lesson 9. Share One Mac with Multiple Users > Limitations of other users

Limitations of other users

So you are the Admin and other people are either standard users or managed users. All users are limited in certain ways:

  • Applications can be made available to everyone, or limited to specific users. This means you could install a game in your child's Home folder and it won't clutter up your own Applications folder. If the game has to change the resolution of the monitor and the number of colors and your child cranks the volume way up, it won't affect what you see and hear when you log back in. You can install your financial program in your own Home/Applications folder so others cannot use it or access your files.

    You can create managed users for young kids and grandkids, where you can customize their Docks so they only have access to their own programs. You can seriously limit with whom they chat and email and which web sites they can go to.

  • Even if an application is available to everyone who uses the machine, an individual user can set his own preferences because the preferences are stored in the user's personal Library folder.

  • Every user can customize the Mail program, and all of a user's email is privately stored in each user's personal Library folder.

  • Every user can set up her own screen effects. Fonts, window and Desktop backgrounds, Sidebar, Dock placement, and preferences are individually customizable. Preferences are also individual for the keyboard, mouse, web browser bookmarks, international keyboard settings, Classic, applications that start up on login, and QuickTime.

  • The features that make the Mac easier to use for people with challenges can be customized by each user. This includes the Universal Access settings, full keyboard access, Speech preferences (talking to your Mac to make it do things), etc.

  • Users who need international settings for such things as date, time, numbers, or for typing other languages, etc., can customize the Mac without bothering other users. If you have a laptop that you travel with, you can set up yourself as another user, such as “Carmen in Belize,” and customize those settings for that country without affecting all your settings for home.

  • Standard users cannot change the date or time (except for the menu bar settings), nor can they change the preferences for energy saving, file sharing, networking, or the startup disk. They cannot add new users nor can they change certain parts of the login process.

  • Managed users have all of the above limitations, plus they have parental controls applied. You can severely limit a managed user, as explained on pages 253256.



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