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Lesson 8. Discover the Special Gems in M... > New Account Setup Assistant

New Account Setup Assistant

It's easier than ever to add a new email account to Mail.

In Mail, go to the File menu and choose “Add Account….”

A window, shown below, appears. First choose the type of account.

If you don't know what kind of account it is, call your Service Provider and ask. Generally speaking, this is how to choose the type of account:

Choose Mac if you signed up with Apple for a .Mac account and this is a new email address you want Mail to check.

Choose POP if you have an email account with your ISP, or if you have a domain name that you paid for and you opted for an email account with it (regardless of whether there are actually web pages for that domain name). This is the most common.

Choose IMAP if your account is the kind that you can use on different computers and always see your mail. This is usually with a paid service or a large company intranet (although most POPs can be set up as IMAP if you ask your provider).

Choose Exchange if your company uses the Microsoft Exchange server and the administrator has configured it for IMAP access. See your system administrator for details.

Most free webmail accounts, such as Hotmail or Yahoo, cannot be set up for Mail. If you buy the “plus” service, you might be able to do it; check with them.

Enter the other information necessary, then click “Continue.”

The Account Description is any name you want to make up that reminds you what this account is for.

The Full Name is what will appear on the Mail messages that you send to people so they know it's you. You can enter anything you want.

The Email Address is the address of this particular account.

Each account type will have slightly different information to enter. For instance, if you choose a pop account, Mail wants to know the Incoming Mail Server. It's usually something like pop.example.com or mail.example.com. If neither of those work, call your email provider and ask for the “incoming mail server.”

The user name for a pop account might be different from your email name, or it might be your entire email address (very often) or it might be something different altogether. If you don't know, ask your provider.

Enter your password as provided by your provider.

Successful creation of a new account is announced, as shown below.



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