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Parental controls

If you have a young child (or anyone acting like a young child), you can set up some serious parental controls to limit access to web sites. It involves multiple users, which are explained in detail in Lesson 9. You'll need an admin user (you) and you'll set up another user for the child. The child will be able to view only web sites you have placed in the Bookmarks Bar. He won't be able to enter web addresses in the Address field, modify any bookmarks, or use the Google search field in the toolbar.

Using the Account preferences, set up another user (details in Lesson 9). Do not give this user administrative privileges.

When setting up the user, click the “Parental Controls” tab, then put a checkmark next to “Safari.app.”

Close the preferences.

Log in as the new/child user, and open Safari. Go to the Safari menu and choose “Preferences….”

Click the “Security” icon. Uncheck the box at the bottom, “Enable parental controls.” You will be asked to enter your admin name and password.

Remove all bookmarks from the Bookmarks Bar that you do not want the child user to access. (If you don't see the Bookmarks Bar, which is a thin strip directly under the Address field, press Command Shift B to display it.)

Add bookmarks that you want to allow access to. The child user will be able to go to every page in the web site, not just the one page that the bookmark is set for.

Go back to the Safari Preferences and check, “Enable parental controls.” Close the preferences. In Safari, check the sites you enabled to make sure they work okay.



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