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Lesson 6. Personalize Your Mac to Meet Y... > If you forget this Admin password, y...

If you forget this Admin password, you will need to reset it

Insert the original Mac OS x installer CD.

Double-click the “Installer” icon to start the process of reinstalling. You are not really going to reinstall!

When you get to the Install screen, go to the Utilities menu.

Choose “Reset Password….”

Enter your new password. Write it down in a safe place!

Quit the Installer from the Installer menu.

  • Login password: If you have set up multiple users on one Mac, each user has her own password to log in. An Admin password is also the login password for that Admin user. By default, your Mac is set to auto-login the Admin so you don't need your password at startup (you can turn this off).

    If a standard user forgets his password: The Administrator (or anyone who knows the Admin password) can reset the user password in the Accounts preferences.

  • Keychain Access password: This is the same as the login password, whether you are a standard user or the Admin (you can change it to create a special keychain password). Keychain Access is the application on your Mac that keeps track of a variety of passwords for you. If you can remember your login password, then Keychain Access can show you the rest of your passwords. See pages 160161.

  • Master password: An Administrator can set up a computer-wide password in case he forgets the login password. Master passwords are usually used in conjunction with FileVault; see pages 162163. The Admin's Master password can override a standard user's FileVault password.

    What to do if you forget the Master password? Well, you can scream. It won't help, but you can scream. See page 162.



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