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Lesson 3. Introduction to Mac OS X > What You've Learned

What You've Learned

  • What all those items on the Desktop are.

  • How to make sure you are at the Finder.

  • What the Home folders are.

  • How to use Finder windows.

    • How to create new folders.

    • How to add or delete folders from the Sidebar.

    • How to change the views of windows and open items in those views.

    • How to use all the little buttons in the Finder window Toolbar.

    • How to select multiple items in a Finder window.

  • How to use the Dock; how to add, delete, and rearrange items in the Dock; and what all the icons represent.

  • How to throw items in the Trash and remove items from the Trash.

  • What the various disk items are.

  • Where on the hard disk the Home folders are located.

  • What the icons on the Desktop indicate.

  • What the Library folders are.

  • How to use Mac OS 9 with Mac OS X.

  • How to use contextual menus.

  • How to work with keyboard shortcuts.

    • What the modifier keys do.

    • Why some commands in menus are black and some are gray.

    • How to navigate the entire Desktop and Finder windows with the keyboard.

    • How to navigate the Save As and Open dialog box with the keyboard.

  • How to burn a CD or DVD.

  • How to use simple troubleshooting techniques.

    • When to restart and how to restart.

    • How to force quit an application.

    • How to delete a preference file.

    • When and how to check the Network preferences.

    • How to check for software updates.

    • When to create another user to test software problems.

    • What to do if you forgot your administrator password.

    • How to report crashes to Apple.

  • Where to learn more about Mac OS X.

    • Where to find tool tips.

    • How to recognize visual clues.

    • How to access the Help files for Mac OS X and for applications.

    • Where to find Apple's support pages.

    • Where to find the .Mac Learning Center.



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