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Lesson 10. Get Connected—and Stay Connec... > Troubleshoot Your Internet Connectio...

Troubleshoot Your Internet Connection

If your connection doesn't work when you first turn on your Mac, perhaps the information you entered in the setup process wasn't correct. Or if you changed Internet Service Providers or changed your connection process, you'll need to change the information. Use the Network preferences.

From the Apple menu, choose “System Preferences…,” then click the “Network” icon.

In the Show menu in the Network pane, choose the connection that you need to fix or change.

Change the appropriate settings. If you're not sure what the appropriate settings are, you have two choices:

  1. Call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask them what to enter in which panes. Your ISP is the company to whom you pay the monthly fee for your connection to the Internet. Although these windows look scary, there are only two or three settings you need. If you use cable or DSL with “DHCP,” it might set it up for you automatically. To check, open Safari and see if it goes to a web page. If it does, you're done.

  2. Use the Network diagnostics tool, as described in the following steps. This tool will automatically appear when your connection goes down, but you can also call on it here whenever you need it.

Click the “Assist me…” button at the bottom of the Network pane.

This drops down a sheet from the title bar, as shown below. For troubleshooting help, click the “Diagnostics…” button.

The diagnostics tool will check all the relevant settings on your Mac and ask you simple questions. If it can't fix the problem, it will at least pinpoint it so you can call your ISP with the specific issue.



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