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Lesson 6. Personalize Your Mac to Meet Y... > Customize the General preferences

Customize the General preferences

From the Finder menu, choose “Preferences….” Click the “General” icon.

Because your Finder window can display the hard disk icons, removable disc icons, and servers in the top portion of the Sidebar, you can choose that these items do not also show up on the Desktop. Or if it makes you feel better to see the CD icons on the Desktop, you can choose to show only those. Whatever makes you happy.

Every time you open a new Finder window, it starts over—that is, it doesn't remember the last window you opened. From this menu, choose the window you want to see whenever you click the Finder icon in the Dock or press Command N to get a new window. For instance, I want to see my Home window every time I open a new Finder window. You might prefer to see your Documents folder or perhaps a project folder.

If it bothers you to have only one Finder window open to work in, you can choose to have a new window open every time you double-click a folder icon. Usually people who are recently converted from Mac OS 9 like to use this feature for a while, until they get used to working in one window.

Don't forget that you can always open a separate window for any individual folder: Command–double-click on it.

If you really prefer working in the Column View, choose to have all new Finder windows open to that view. See pages 3839 for details about the Column View.

If you turn on spring-loaded folders and windows, then folders will automatically pop their windows open as you hover the mouse over the folder. This is great when you are dragging a file somewhere—you don't have to put it down to open the folder.

The “Delay” refers to how long your mouse has to hover before the folder pops open. If you find folders popping open when you least expect it, make the delay longer.

Even if you turn off spring-loaded folders, you can always hit the Spacebar to make a folder pop open, as long as your mouse is positioned over that folder.



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