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Lesson 16. Automate Repetitive Tasks wit... > Create a Workflow that Uses the Inte...

Create a Workflow that Uses the Internet

This workflow is already created for you. You can find it in the Library pane in the folder called “Example Workflows.” It's called “Import .Mac Photo Album into iPhoto.” This is great. Let's say your kids sent you a .Mac web page they made with lots of photos on it. You would like to have those photos yourself so you can do things like make a book using the photos or email one or two to friends. That's when you can use this workflow—it makes copies of the photos on the web page (not the tiny thumbnails, but the linked, larger images) and puts them directly into your own iPhoto.

In Safari, open the web page whose photos you want copies of. It must be a .Mac homepage. (The first action of this workflow tells you to do this.)

Open Automator, if it isn't already.

In the Library pane, scroll down to the bottom and single-click the tiny triangle next to the folder called “Example Workflows” to open it.

In that folder, double-click the file “Import .Mac Photo Album into iPhoto.” This makes it open in the workflow pane (or in another window altogether if something is already in the pane). This is the workflow:

iPhoto will probably automatically open when you open the workflow. That's okay.

In Action #5 in the workflow, either choose the name of an existing album where you want the photos stored, or check the button for a “New Album” and give it a name. Automator will make the new album for you and put the photos in it.

Also in that action, you'll notice the box is checked to “Delete the Source Images After Importing Them.” This doesn't do anything to the images on the web page you are getting them from—it deletes the images it downloaded into your Pictures folder in Action #4. (If you want to keep the photos in that folder instead of putting them in iPhoto, just disable Action #5; see page 372.)

Click the “Run” button in the upper-right of the window. Voilà!

This workflow took copies of the photos from this page and put them into an iPhoto album for me.



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