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Lesson 11. Use Your .Mac Account to Stay... > Access and use your Safari bookmarks...

Access and use your Safari bookmarks anywhere

To use your bookmarks is a little different since you might not be using Safari at all. But it's very easy and interesting.

Go to www.mac.com; click the “Bookmarks” tab in the blue bar. You will be asked to log in.

Click the “Open Bookmarks” button you see.

A bookmark pane appears on the screen that contains all of the bookmarks you synced to your .Mac account. Amazing. You even have preferences, as shown below, right.

Notice you can also use these buttons in the toolbar to instantly access Mail and Address Book.

To go to a bookmarked page, single-click any one of the folders or individual web addresses. When you click on a Collection folder (which is one of your Collections that you made on your own Mac) or on “Bookmarks Bar” or “Bookmarks Menu,” that item appears in the tiny menu at the top, along with all of the other bookmarks. Other folders of bookmarks will appear with disclosure triangles. Single-click a bookmark with a globe icon to go straight to that page.

To make a new bookmark, click the “Add Bookmark” button at the bottom of the .Mac bookmarks pane. It's the open book with a + sign.

Type a name for the bookmark in the field shown below, and type the web address (URL) as well. Choose where to store the bookmark in the “Add Bookmark To” menu. Click “Add.”

To delete a bookmark, click the Delete button (the circle with the line through it). An x will appear next to every bookmark and folder. Click the x next to the one you want to delete. You will be asked to confirm the deletion. You can only delete one at a time.

To reorganize, rename, or copy bookmarks or folders—you can't. You'll have to do that on your own Mac in Safari and then sync your bookmarks back to your .Mac account.



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