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Thanks! - Pg. iv

Thanks! To Cliff Colby, for his thorough review and editing of this book, which seems to get fatter with every edition. Also, a big thanks for Cliff for really not panicking. To Victor Gavenda, for his help with a few technical questions I had during the writing process. To Ron Hipschman for his technical assistance and guidance on the Unix chapter. Ron's Unix expertise is far better than mine will ever be. To David Van Ness, for fine-tuning the book's layout and spotting all those shifting thumbtabs. To Mike Shebanek and Chris Bourdon at Apple Computer, Inc., for getting me the information I needed to write this book. Without their help, it would be impossible for me to finish this book in time for Tiger's release. To the developers at Apple, for continuing to refine the world's best operating system. As I worked with early versions of Tiger while writing this book, I found myself getting more and more excited. I couldn't wait to install it on my production Mac so I could use it every day! To the folks at Ambrosia Software, for developing and continuing to update Snapz Pro X. I could not have taken the 2,000+ screen shots in this book without this great software program. And to Mike, for the usual reasons. iv