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Chapter 12. Printing & Faxing > Faxing Documents

Faxing Documents

You can fax documents from within the Print dialog. All you need is a computer with a fax modem connected to a telephone line.

To fax a document

Set options as desired in the Print dialog’s panes.

In any pane of the Print dialog (Figure 36), choose Fax PDF from the PDF button’s menu (Figure 65). The Print dialog changes to offer options for faxing the document (Figure 67).

Figure 67. Use this dialog sheet to set options for faxing a document from within the Print dialog.

Enter the name of the person you are faxing the document to in the To box. As you type, your computer attempts to match what you’re typing to entries in your Address Book file (Figure 68). If you prefer, you can click the Addresses button to display a searchable Addresses window (Figure 69); double-click a fax number to enter it in the window.

Figure 68. As you enter a recipient’s name, your computer attempts to match it to Address Book entries.

Figure 69. Another way to add a recipient is to use the searchable Addresses window. This is especially useful when a recipient has more than one fax number; double-click the one you want.

If you need to dial a number to get a dial tone (like in an office or hotel) or a 1 for long distance, enter these numbers in the Dialing Prefix box.

If you have multiple fax modems, choose one from the Modem pop-up menu.

To include a fax cover page, turn on the Use Cover Page check box, type a subject in the Subject box, and type a message in the Message box.

Click Fax. A Print status dialog (Figure 70) appears briefly as the document is spooled to the fax modem’s queue. A moment later, the computer dials and sends the fax.

Figure 70. A progress window like this appears as a print job is spooled to a fax or print queue.



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