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Dialing Direct

A direct (modem-to-modem) connection requires the remote computer to have a phone line that only it answers. (If a modem answers a voice call, the human caller gets an earful of squeal.) Before making your first call, you must set up both PCs.

To set up the remote computer:

Choose Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections.

In the task pane at left, click Create a New Connection.

The New Connection Wizard appears.

Click Next to skip the Welcome page.

Select Set up an Advanced Connection; then click Next.

Select Accept Incoming Connections; then click Next.

Check the box for your modem; then click Next (Figure 18.1).

Figure 18.1. You can click Properties and check Disconnect a Call If Idle for More Than __ Mins to make the remote PC hang up automatically after an inactive period.

Select Do Not Allow Virtual Private Connections; then click Next.

Check the boxes of the people who should be allowed to dial in to the remote PC; then click Next (Figure 18.2).

Figure 18.2. Don’t check Guest; you’d create a security hole.

Confirm that all the networking software boxes are checked; then click Next.

Click Finish (Figure 18.3).

Figure 18.3. A new Incoming Connections icon appears in Network Connections when you finish the wizard. To change settings manually, right-click the icon; then choose Properties.

Now the remote PC’s modem answers incoming calls.



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