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Chapter 4. Personalizing Your Work Envir... > Using Alternative Mouse Behavior

Using Alternative Mouse Behavior

The mouse behavior described in “The Mouse” in Chapter 1 is the default. Windows’ alternative setting is a Web-like interface, letting you open icons by single-clicking—instead of double-clicking, which can be awkward or confusing for beginners. (Right-clicking and dragging are unchanged.)

To open items with a single click:

In Control Panel, choose Appearance and Themes > Folder Options > General tab (Figure 4.69).

Figure 4.69. You can open items in folders and on the desktop by single-clicking them, just as you click a link on a Web page. To select an item without opening it, move the pointer over it.

In the Click Items As Follows section, select Single-Click to Open an Item (Point to Select).

Choose icon title underlining: permanent, (like links on a Web page) or temporary (only when you point to icons).

Click OK (or Apply).

The instructions in this book assume that you use the default, but if you choose the alternative, be aware of the following differences:

  • The entire concept of double-clicking is eradicated.

  • To open an icon, click it.

  • To select an icon, move the pointer over it—don’t click.

  • To select multiple icons, hold down the Ctrl or Shift key while moving the pointer over each desired icon—again, don’t click. Ctrl selects individual icons; Shift selects a range of icons.

  • To rename an icon, point over it; press F2; type the name; then press Enter.


    Right-click it; choose Rename; type the name; then press Enter.

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