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Sending Email

After you’ve set up your email account, you can compose a message and send it.

To compose and send a message:

Choose Message > New Message (Ctrl+N).


Click Create Mail on the toolbar.

A new message window appears (Figure 14.6).

Figure 14.6. The two sections of a message are the headers (top), which contains information about the message, and body (bottom), which contains the message itself. Each message window contains its own menu bar and toolbar.

Type the recipient’s email address in the To box.

To send the message to more than one person, separate the addresses with semicolons (;).

As you type, Outlook Express autocompletes each address (or plain-English name) with an entry from your address book. If autocomplete guesses wrong, keep typing; if it guesses right, press Tab to jump to the Cc box, or press the semicolon to stay in the To box and type another address.

To send a copy of the message to other recipients, type additional email addresses in the Cc box, pressing Tab when you’re finished.

Each address auto-completes as before.

Cc (carbon-copy) recipients receive the same message as To recipients, but Cc lets them know that you sent them the message as a courtesy and that you’re not expecting them to reply.

Type the message’s topic in the Subject box; then press Tab.

Recipients appreciate a descriptive subject rather than, say, “Hi,” which makes your mail look like junk.

Type the text of your message.

You can use Cut, Copy, Paste, and all the standard editing techniques.

Click Send on the toolbar (Alt+S).

Your PC sends the message over the Internet, connecting to it if necessary.



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