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Saving Documents

Most programs let you save your work as documents, which you can return to later, print, send to other people, back up, and so on. Documents generally are thought of as being word-processed materials, but they can be graphics, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, email, or any other user-created work. Nearly all programs use Windows’ standard Save dialog box. The first time you save a document, Windows asks you to name it and pick a folder to store it in. (Two files in the same folder can’t have the same name.)

To save a document:

Choose File > Save (Figure 6.27).

Figure 6.27. The Save dialog box appears the first time you save a file, or when you choose File > Save As.


To save a copy of a file under a different name or in a different folder, choose File > Save As.

Navigate to the folder where you want to store the document.

You have several ways to navigate. Double-click folder icons in the folder box to drill down the folder hierarchy. Use the left-side buttons to go to a common destination quickly. Use the top-side Save In list to pick a different drive. The toolbar also helps you navigate (Figure 6.28).

Figure 6.28. From left to right, these buttons go to the last folder visited, go up one level in the folder hierarchy, create a new folder, and change the view of the listed files and folders in the dialog box. Extra buttons in Microsoft Office programs let you search the Web, delete files, map network drives, and more.

In the File Name box, type the name of the file.

For file-naming rules, see “Naming Files and Folders” in Chapter 5.

To save a file in a format other than the program’s default format, choose a format from the Save As Type list.

This feature lets you, say, save a Microsoft Word document as Text (.txt), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or HTML (.html) so that users without Word can open it in Notepad, WordPad, or Internet Explorer.

Click Save.



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